300 Years

Gocaine - Orpheus (Original Mix)

Rocco Caine - 300 Years (Original Mix)

Rocco Caine - 300 Years (Mark Morris Remix)

Rocco Caine - Devon (Original Mix)

Continuing their peerless assault on the techno world, !Organism welcome a new addition to their ranks in the form of Rocco Caine as well as Gocaine, aka Caine and Andreas Kaufhold. His originals are complimented by a Mark Morris

remix and all in all make for yet more fascinatingly functional sounds.


Caine is a detail obsessed producer from Germany whose vast discography takes in fine labels from Drumcode to Get Physical. Deeply intense and always with frantic bass, his tunes are no-nonsense affairs that arrest whole clubs with their atmospherics.


First up here he pairs off with Andreas Kaufhold as Gocaine and together they come up with 'Orpheus', a loopy and freaky number with trippy synths, sweeping filters and lots of white noise all adding to the white knuckle ride. Dark vocals repeating the track's title only add to the darkness. Caine then goes it alone for '300 Years' and over ten minutes builds up a stark and arresting techno vision with brash drums, icy hi hats and searching synths spraying across the horizon that suggest all traces of man have been wiped out in his sonic world.


Long established Italian Mark Morris is a real minimal master, and it is he who remixes '300 Years' to that end. He strips it back to a rugged drum line, injects some frosty synths and a spoken word vocal up top and leaves you alone on a sonic spaceship that is heading into the abyss.


The brilliant 'Devon' then rounds things up in unsettling style, with brooding bass and encircling synths all heaping on the pressure and paranoia.


All four tracks ooze real emotions and atmosphere here and will bring any floor under their various spells with ease.

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