Karbon EP

Rocco Caine - Karbon (Original Mix)

Rocco Caine - Karbon (DJ Emerson Remix)

Rocco Caine - Trias (Original Mix)

Well travelled techno troubadour Rocco Caine is the man next up on !Organism. He offers two firing originals whilst DJ Emerson steps up to remix. Caine is a real master of his tools and has been making searing techno and electro for years on labels like Drumcode, Leutral and Kamzleramt. As a DJ he plays across four decks and favours a precise and clean production style that makes him out in his own field. The two cuts here are both serious weapons. Excellent opener 'Karbon' is an exhilarating ten minute ride that has fierce kicks down low and frazzled synths squirming about in the mid ground. A rising, brooding sense of tension and jangling chords slowly build throughout, and when the whole thing drops whole clubs are sure to march as one to the stripped back brilliance. Remixing is micro.fon and kiddaz label boss DJ Emerson, a German with more than 15 years experience behind him. His take is a little more icy and reserved, spooky and haunting, with slithering hi hats and suspenseful chords hanging above rolling drums. It makes a big impact, to be sure.Last of all, 'Trias' comes on like a steam train and rattles along a rather desolate landscape with electrified synth sounds and real menace in the sweeping bass. This is techno that will fill dance floors with large scale sounds and is sure to blow plenty of minds. Once again !Organism prove they have real breadth and depth in their ranks with this latest compelling EP.






Alexander Kowalski (Damage Music / Berlin) Excellent release. Always been a big fan of Roccos productions. And he delivers again. "Karbon" is the one for me. I also really like the DJ Emerson Remix.


Gary Beck (Minus / Drumcode / Beck Audio) Thanks mate, its a bomb *Trias


Mark Greene (Gate Null / Respekt / Elektrax) Great release. Very cool tracks!! *DJ Emerson Remix


GO!DIVA (Brickwork / Brood Audio) Nice job on all!! *Trias

Highestpoint (Phobiq / DFR / Hi Tek Records) Great release. Nice tracks ! *DJ Emerson Remix


Soren Aalberg (Girafe Sauvage / Rhythm Converted / MB Electronics) Perfect release. really loving Rocco's stuff! *Karbon


Frankyeffe (Truesoul / Analytic Trail / Phobiq) Top EP. great techno music here! *Karbon


Jason Fernandes (Kombination Research) Really nice. *Karbon


Markantonio (Analytictrail / Drumcode / MKT) Nice release. Downloading for Markantonio. *DJ Emerson Remix


Nonnus (Silicon Records) Great release. DJ emerson for president


Kardinal (LowKey & Kardinal) Great Ep. Furious techno! *Karbon


Bodyscrub (Phobiq / Respekt) Great release! *Karbon


D.A.V.E. The Drummer (Hydraulix / Elektrax) Nice release. Like Trias !! *Trias


Luigi Madonna (Drumcode / MKT / Material) Great music. *DJ Emerson Remix


HOBI (!Organism / ARTS / Planet Rhythm) Great release. DJ Emerson remix for me!


Andre Kronert (ODD/EVEN / Figure / Stockholm LTD) Nice one here again. like rocco┬┤s stuff a lot. *Trias


Eva (Ibiza Essentials) Excellent release. impressive! *Karbon


Coeter One (Kaputt Musik / Flash) Nice release. Will use the Emerson Remix.


Marco Carola (Minus / Plus 8) Nice release. downloading for marco carola. *Trias


Dykkon (Vibe me / Berghain) Trias for me. Support on my radio show !!


DJ Fronter (1605 / Orunmila) Perfect release. DJ Emerson Remix is my favorite.


The Welderz (Analytictrail) Great EP! Love it! *Karbon


Porter Rhodes (Pornographic Recordings / Naked Lunch / Pragmatik Recordings) Great release. Trias and Dj Emerson remix are great!!


Sylvia Maziarz (BLN.FM) Nice one! *Trias


Rraph (Gynoid Audio / Behind The Stage) Great release. Both original mixes for me! *Trias


Kernel Key (Octopus Recordings) Very good!! *DJ Emerson Remix


Richie Hawtin (Minus) Downloaded for r hawtin *Karbon


P-Ben (Ovum / !Organism / Flash Recordings) Nice release ! full support *DJ Emerson Remix


Paco Osuna (Mindshake / Plus 8 Records) Will try thanks ;) *Trias


Chris Liebing (CLR) Thanks! *DJ Emerson Remix


53 Hz (Toolroom / IAMT / WTF! Music) Great release. karbon for me, sounds amazing !!


Sin Sin (!Organism / Driving Forces) Perfect release. The DJ Emerson remix is great. Karbon original is pretty cool too.


Heron (KMS / Soma / Flash) Strong release! *DJ Emerson Remix


Timmo (Drumcode) Perfect release. This DJ Emerson remix is pure bomb!! Trias is also amazing tune. Love the release!


Joseph Capriati (Drumcode) Downloading for joseph capriati. *Karbon


Tom Laws (Respekt / Phobiq) Great release. *Karbon


A. Mochi (Figure / Phobiq / Tronic) Excellent release. love Emerson Remix! *DJ Emerson Remix


Roel Salemink (MB Elektronics) Great EP, full support! *Karbon


Maceo Plex / Maetrik (Ellum Audio) Downloaded for Maceo Plex / Maetrik. *Trias


Dolby D (Dolma Rec) Great release. Full support. *DJ Emerson Remix


Anderson Noise (Radio Noise / Noise Music) Great release. Thanks for the music *Karbon


Sintek (Respekt Recordings / Phobiq / !Organism) Perfect release. That's the unordinary sound I need. Total Support!!!!! *Karbon


Frank Kvitta (Kvitta Music) Nice release. Full support ! *DJ Emerson Remix

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