Insane And Trapped (Remix)

Bodyscrub - Insane And Trapped (Rocco Caine Remix)

Serving up their next techno morsel on both vinyl and digitally, !Organism turn to Bodyscrub for a hot new single that comes complete with remixes from Rocco Caine, Manic Brothers and Leghau. Bodyscrub is an Italian who has been into electronic music since the nineties, releasing on Phobiq, Driving Forces Recordings, MB Elektronics, 1605 and many others, as well as being a regular on !Organism. In original form, ‘Insane and Trapped’ is a no messing techno stomper with hard-hitting kicks, big rattling chords and lots of tumultuous synth action that adds texture and tension to the track. It’s a peak time, floor-slaying monster that will blow heads clean off and comes with three great remixes. German electro and techno talent Rocco Caine goes first. The four-deck wizard chops the track up into something much more broken beat and lumpy. It rocks back and forth with spooky ambiance far off in the distance. Eventually some heavyweight dub techno chords join the party and add yet more depth and scale to the already arresting track. Next up, Mats and Niclas Ljusberg—together known as Sweden’s Manic Brothers—have seen their driving, house-tinged techno productions on Drumcode, Soma and Sleaze wind up on the hard drives of DJs like Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Sven Väth and Nicole Moudaber. They only arrived in 2012 but on the evidence of this spritely, future sounding remix have lots to offer. It’s an engaging affair with a moody atmosphere pervading a stripped back and serious groove. Finally, Frenchman Leghau of respected labels like Trapez, Analytictrail and Len Faki’s imprint, Figure, then offers his version. It’s a deep, rolling and hypnotic affair that gets into your brain and stays there for the duration. Once again here !Organism are leading the techno world from the very front.


Release date: vinyl: 12/2014 | digital: 12/2014






Taster Peter (trapez / Tronic / Harthouse)

Perfect release. Killer stuff will play for sure. *Manic Brothers remix


Markus Bohm (Phobiq / !Organism)

Really in love with this ep!! maximum support for my fellow countryman, "Roberto" BodyScrub, the whole ep is in my comfort zone, Support !!!!


M.I.D.I. (Phobiq / Remain / Analytictrail)

top release *Original Mix


Xpansul (Plus 8 / Soma/ Analytictrail )

Very nice sounds here. Loving the original. Leghau remix is sweet too. Thanks!


Jewel Kid (Alleanza)

Perfect release. hard to choose, 10/10


Kardinal (Phobiq / Analytictrail / Respekt)

Monster EP *Original Mix


Kyle Geiger (Sleaze / Driving Forces / Drumecode)

Great release. Second time listening to this on accident, but decided I liked the leghau mix too!


Kane Roth (Lessizmore / Numbolic)

super nice release, Rocco caine remix has a great groove! I like also the original mix


Nick Bowman (The Future Underground Show)

Excellent releae. Bodyscrub and !Organism never fail to deliver. The Leghau remix is my pick of the bunch.


Anderson Noise (Noise Music / Harthouse / Sleaze)

Perfect release. thanks for the music *Original Mix


Mintech (!Organism / Patterns / Remains)

Great release. Nice release, thanks. *Original Mix


The Welderz (Sleaze)Great release.

Nice release !! Will test all the tracks. *Leghau Remix


Bryan Chapman (8 Sided Dice)

Great release. Leghau remix for me


Joseph Capriati (Drumcode)

Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks. *Rocco Caine Remix


Loco & Jam

Perfect release. Original, Manic Brothers and Leghau mixes all in our sets!


Mr. Bizz (Cocoon / Sci+Tec)

Perfect release. full support guys! *Leghau Remix


Maetrik (Maceo Plex)

downloaded for maceo pelx, thanks for the music! Leghau Remix


Markantonio (Analytictrail)

Great release. Downloading for Markantonio...thanks for the music!!! *Original Mix


Tom Hades (Rhythm Converted)

Great release. What a release !! :) *Leghau Remix


Gary Beck (Soma / Beck / Sleaze)

Nice release. Interesting mix from rocco, I like his ideas in this one


Heron (Limikola / FLASH / KMS)

Nice release. The remixes for me! *Leghau Remix


Rocco Caine

Perfect release. i love the original so i had to do a remix!


Jason Fernandes (Skylines Type Grooves)

Great release. great stuff *Manic Brothers Remix



Nice release. manic brothers remix for me


Orde Meikle (Slam)

Great release. cool package - will spin *Manic Brothers Remix


Roberto Capuano (Drumcode / Analytictrail)

Original and Leghau remix for me!


Luigi Madonna (Phobiq / Drumcode)

rocco caine for me! tnx


Mattew Jay (MB Elektronics / SCI+TEK)

will play the original mix!!!:)'


Markus Bohm (Phobiq)

Great Ep !made for the dancefloor!


Nadja Lind (Klartraum / Lucidflow)

cool stuff. thanks for the music


Kyle Geiger (Drumcode)

Rocco Caine remix is nice! It's nice to hear music that's not just disposable fodder every now and again...thanks for the music!


Affie Yusuf (Superfreq / We Love Acid)

Leghau's mix. all tracks is having it.


Filterheadz (MB Elektronics)

Killer EP!


Luca Agnelli (Etruria Beat)

nice pack tnx


Chris Colburn (8 Sided Dice )



Danny Howells (Dig Deeper)

Stunning release .. every track is a dark monster, many thanks!


Alexi Delano (H Productions / Visionquest / M_Nus)



Greg Chin (Stryke (Plastic City / Ovum))

classic sounding techno here. Rocco Caine remix is HUGE!!!! gonna be getting a TON of play from me


Vincenzo Palumbo (Irregular Synth (respekt / Organism)

really nice ep!!! thanks


Mark Antonio (Analytic Trail)

Downloading for Markantonio...thanks for the music!!!


Nicole Moudaber (Drumcode / Space Ibiza)

diggin !


Axel Karakasis (Remain records)

downloading, thanks!!


Colin Dale

....4 slabs of great techno sounds....no filler here.


Carlo Lio (Rawthentic Music)

cool tracks


Andres Gil (Refluxed / Phobiq)

nice release, full support organism!


Danielle Godiva (Go!Diva (Brood Audio / Brickwork))

Very nice, all great. Rocco Caine rmx is y fav


Martin Spittel (Heron (Soma / Flash / Limikola))

Niclas & Mats rmx, also the one from Cedric is nice!


Joseph Capriati (Drumcode / CLR)

Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks.


Patrick Siech (Drumcode)

Cool remix by the brothers! Thanks for sharing!


Alan Fitzpatrick

fucking massive!


Anthony Castaldo (Respekt)

great ep Original and Leghau rmx my fav Full support !!!


On/Off (OnOfficial Records / Analytictrail)

Whoooohoo...phatt release!! Will play the original and Manic Bothers remix for sure


Bodyscrub (Organism / Respekt / Phobiq)

here we go!


Mikael Jonasson (Phobiq / Harthouse / Respekt)

cool release! thanks.. :)


Steve Stoll (Various)

Very nice pumper, keep representing real techno! Blunted boy approved.


Chris Fortier (Thoughtless / Sullivan Room / Balance)

good tough workouts.


Sintek (Phobiq / Respekt)

Bodyscrub every time rocks!!!! Big tune!!!


The Yellowheads (Alleanza)

great package original and Manic brothers remix rocks! thx for the musis :) ;)


Jason Fernandes (Skyline Type Grooves)

sounding good


Angel Molina

Insane and Trapped (Rocco Caine remix) does for, very into this non-easy, raw and industrial sound. Thanks.


Anderson Noise (Harthouse)

thanks for the music


Richie Hawtin (M_Nus)

downloaded for r hawtin


Tom Laws (Phobiq / Respekt)

unz unz unz the best


A Paul (Naked Lunch Records)

Original & Manic brothers remix for me. Thanks ! A.Paul


Colin McBean (Mr G)

nice ep


M.I.D.I. (Phobiq / Remain / Analytictrail)

Support for Bodyscrub! Love original mix!


Lo Shea (Hope Works / Phonica)

Liking this.Original decent but i think Rocco Caines remix topps it for me:)


Lowkey (Lowkey & Kardinal (Phobiq / Analytictrail))

great release , original is my fav , thx


Timmo (Drumcode / Octopus)

Manic Brothers remix is DOPE!!!


Sutter Cane (Driving Forces / Phobiq / Brood)

Sutter Cane: for me this is definitely the best release on Organism so far. All 4 mixes are perfect for my needs. thx will play


Ali Shirazinia (Dubfire / Deep Dish)



Gayle San

great ep.! Playing & supporting it ! *Original Mix


Mauro Picotto (Alchemy)

Nice release. Thanks for the tracks *Original Mix


Irregular Synth (Respekt / Kombination Research / Alchemy)

Great release. Manic Brothers remix for me! Great release.


Stanny Franssen (Girafe Sauvage / De:Tuned / Genetic Recordings )

Nice release. I'll go for the Rocco Caine RMX


Alex Di Stefano (binary404.com / 1605 / Sabotage)

Nice release. support *Manic Brothers Remix


Paride Saraceni (Octapus / Agile / Sci+Tec)

Excellent release. Manic Brothers mix for me.


Kernel Key (Octopus Recordings)

Manic Brothers Remix very bomb! nice ep!


D.A.V.E. The Drummer (Hydraulix / Elektrax)

Great release. Love it! *Original Mix


Mr. Bizz (Deeperfect / Sci+Tec / Terminal M)

Perfect release. full support! *Manic Brothers Remix


Danny Tenaglia

Thanks *Manic Brothers Remix


dubspeeka (Skeleton)

Perfect release. thx *Leghau Remix


Pedro Delgardo (Ying Yang)

Nice release. like original and Manic Brothers


AnGy KoRe (1605 / Italo Business / Different Is Better)

strong ep! love it *Original Mix


Dandi & Ugo (Italo Business)

Perfect release. Bodyscrub RULEZ !!!


Marco Carola (Minus / Plus 8)

downloading for marco carola. *Leghau Remix


De La Swing (El Row / Florida Music)

Great release. Manic Brother is bomb , will try!!!


Hollen (Bitten / Respekt Recordings / Agile Recordings)

Manic Brothers remix is nice.


Dema (Sci+Tec / Trapez / Agile)

great release thanks! *Manic Brothers Remix


Damir Hoffman (Reload / MB Elektronics)

Nice release. *Manic Brothers Remix


The Advent (Kombination Research)

Perfect release. *Leghau & rocco Remixes


Sisko Electrofanatik (Neurotraxx / Armada / IAMT)

great works!! support *Manic Brothers Remix


Dave Angel

Downloading for Dave Angel, thanks! *Original Mix


Florian Gasperini (Ibiza Essentials)

Nice release. downloading for florian gasperini *Rocco Caine Remix


Marco Bailey (MB Elektronics)

Excellent release. Full Support !! *Original Mix


Cristian Varela (Pornographic Recordings)

Nice release. Download for Cristian Varela. Thanks ! *Original Mix


Anderson Noise (Radio Noise / Noise Music)

Great release. thanks for the music *Original Mix


Spartaque (1605 / IAMT / Supreme)

Perfect release. Bodyscrub rocks and mixes are great! Killer release - full radio/club support from me!


Michele Pinna (Triangle Records)

Great release. insane pack! original track and Manic brothers remix are dope!


Christian Cambas (1605 / Sabotage / Toolroom)

Great release. Original and Leghau mixes for me, will be playing


Spiros Kaloumenos (Focus Digital)

Great release. Manik Brothers remix is my fav !


Ramiro Lopez (Suara / Agile)

Nice release. Original sounds cool.



great work! thank yo! *Manik Brothers Remix


Taster Peter (Trapez / Truesoul / Octopus)

Perfect release. all bombs here!! support! *Leghau Remix


Vladimir Acic (1605 / Italo Business)

Nice *Manik Brothers Remix


Luigi Madonna (Drumcode / MKT / Material)

great release! *Rocco Caine Remix


Peter Bailey (Nervous / Stereo)

Dope release, all mixes are Strong!!


Eva (Ibiza Essentials)

Nice release. Manik Brothers it is!


Ruslan Mays (Techhead / Prozac)

Excellent release. Thank for promo! Insane and Trapped *Manic Brothers Remix


Simone Tavazzi (Italy)

original and manic brothers si my favourite! nice ep!


Sian (Octopus, Barcelona)

Excellent release. big! *Manic Brothers Remix


Florian Meindl

Excellent release. the leghau remix and the original are big! will play them!


Marco Pellegrini (differentgrooves.com)

Great Release, full support by differentgrooves.com *Manic Brothers Remix


JackRock (Renesanz / IAMT / 1605)

Great pack, support *Original Mix


Frankyeffe (Truesoul / Analytic Trail / Phobiq)

Perfect release. Original and Manic Brothers remix are for me!!


Dr. Motte (PRAXXIZ)

Great release. the orig. insane & trapped comes pushing forward a little harder. the manic brothers do it a more minimal way with a hypnotic acid line... love it! Downloading for Dr. Motte, thanks www.drmotte.de *Manic Brothers Remix


Markantonio (Analytictrail / Drumcode / MKT)

Great release. Downloading for Markantonio...thanks for the music!!! *Original Mix


Pierre Deutschmann (H-Productions / XLR1507)

Excellent release. leghau for me thx


Gennaro Le Fosse (Cocoon / 8 Sided Dice / CODE)

Great release. *Original Mix


Richie Hawtin (Minus)

downloaded for r hawtin *Original Mix


Tom Newman (Paxahau / Movement / Detroit)

Wicked release!!!! *Rocco Caine Remix


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