Another Heaven EP

Rocco Caine - Another Heaven (Original Mix)

Rocco Caine - Another Heaven (Anthony Hypster Remix)

Rocco Caine - Back Home (Original Mix)

Rocco Caine - Back Home (The Welderz Remix)

Rocco Caine - Another Heaven (Anthony Hypster Groove Remix)

Rocco Caine debuted on our label "Black groove Recordings". Rocco Caine is a German DJ and producer, he signed on labels like Drumcode, Driving Forces, Wall Music for name A Few .. The first track shall carry you to a progressive and melodic world in the spirit of the German techno. this track is remixed by the one and only Anthony Hypster , a talented producer who has proven on the label Phobiq (Sasha Carassi) and owner of Black Groove Recordings . The second track delivers great groove which only Rocco Caine know the secret, this track is remixed by the french duo The Welderz. The Welders are the rising stars of the French techno stage, they are playlister by the greatest DJ on the planet. He delivers a remix like overkill to their usual


Supported by: Cari Lekebusch, Rebekah, Markantonio, Justin Schumacher, Roberto Bodyscrub Bonetti, M.I.D.I., Thomas P. Heckmann, Red Square Live, Frank Savio, Sebastian Krenzlin, Xtra Dry, Forest People, Hristian Stojanowski, Mikael Pfeiffer & Many More.

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