A1 - Splinter

B1 - Splinter (Diego Hostettler Mix 1)

B2 - Splinter (Diego Hostettler Mix 2)


Written and produced by Heiko Laux, Diego Hostettler & Rocco Caine




Mr K´ Alexi Shelby:

Mix 1&2 are DOPE!!!


Material Object:

nice work! mix 2 + mix 3 for me please!


Sender Berlin:

Sender Berlin sagt...fetti fett fett...love it!!! Uturn ist wieder da...


Jam El Mar:

...nice one!

My favorite is (Mix 3)


Ben Sims:

great stuff, heavy and heady. look forward to dropping it! thx

wav link pls


Dustin Zahn:

All tracks are fantastic but Mix 3 resonates the most with me, personally. I´m very happy Uturn is back!!


Paul Brtschitsch:

grossartig u-turn ist zurück!…ich kenne es ja noch aus ganz alten zeiten apathism etc ;-)

sehr feines release! splinter(mix3) sticht beim ersten hören für mich heraus und ich werde es einbauen wo ich nur kann…


Kriz, Token:

Massive! Just what I needed. Glad to see uturn back in business. I´m a fan since back in the day.


Lenny Posso, Thema NYC:

HOT Daaaaamn!

Shes back and sounds like shes not playin either!

That U-turn sexy bitch! Still have most of them and they still get put into rotation. Glad to it back ;)


Adam Beyer, Drumcode:

yes please!!!


Pär Grindvik:

this is so exciting! u-turn is one of my favorite labels ever! love the whole release!

will probably play the original and mix 3, great thanks!


Vasili Borisov, Crazy B, Moscow:

The Lawnmower Man is back!! :-)

Top quality "psycho" minimalistic techno, love it!!

Thanks a lot!


Gabriel Le Mar:

krass Techno ;-)

Mix3 gefällt mir am besten - gutes Gelingen + viel Erfolg



Very nice tracks.

Will find time to play all three I´m sure.

I would love a link to the wav files.


Claude Young:

Really Dope club tracks. Will play for sure!

Kanzleramt NEVER Disappoints!


Electric Indigo:

cool! :-) vielen dank! favorite tracks: original and mix3


Joel Mull:

Superb! Again...

Cant wait to play this and hear it out.



I like the sound of this.

Could I get the WAVs to play?


Soren Aalberg:


Really love this!!!


Roberto Kai-Zen:

Loving the original! Great little video too :-)

Can you send me the Mp3´s please?


Laurent Garnier:

thanks a million times for this link

Loooove the new ep



Really like splinter original, but Diego mix 2 might be the one for me!! Really nice to see Uturn back up!!!


Angel Molina:

Thanks for this new release, original / mix 2 are absolutely for me! Get the record on wav would be fantastic.


Truncate / Audio Injection:

Great stuff guys! Diego´s Mix 2 is my fav, full support!


Len Faki:

Mix 2 mein fave hier, sehr schön!

Wav pls :)


Charles, Technasia:

love the mix2! will play


Oliver Deutschmann:

Original and Remix 2 are amazing. please send me the tracks. Need to play them!!!


Anthony Rother:

All tracks celebrating the original Kanzleramt Sound with massive creative update dedicated to the electronic jam.

Original as F**** Love it...


Alexander Kowalski:

Happy to see Uturn back! "Splinter" is the perfect sign of life! Original & Diego Mix 1 for me...


Paul Mac:

Diego mix 1 is deadly very good to see U_Turn back if there is more like this on the way :)


Byron Bogues, 440Hz:

Diego Hostettlers Mix1 rocks...!


Joel Mull:

Congrats to the new release on Uturn.

Amazing again. Full support!!

What can i say. You know im a big Fan.


Leandro Gámez:

Original it´s madness, absolutely fat!!!, love the Diego´s Mix 2 as well, huge release.



Vince Watson:

all all over over this this…X


Damon Wild:

Great ep..great combo of artists! Will for sure play it out!

-Damon Wild

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